Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Goodbye Texas Girls

I went to Vimaru and collected my pay this morning - I asked Mr Cường to wait for me so he could take me to VAIE, but it took too long, so he left! That meant I had to walk to VAIE  and although I got there before 11am as arranged, the accountant had already left... spewing! So that meant having to rearrange the afternoon to fit in another trip back again.

Anyway, it's Wednesday ... Texas BarBQ day, so I walked to Paragon and sat cogitating over a cup of coffee while I waited for mid-day. Katie and Hannah came along and several of the regular girls - Hannah, Maritha, Jutta, Caroline, Christina, Gene and Estera. I enjoyed the usual lunch - chicken fajitas - one last time... 

Then we jumped in a taxi and headed for Big C. The girls wanted to get coffee and coffee drip cups to take home. We had to postpone a visit to Toni's kindergarten because we ran out of time and I had to go back to VAIE to collect my pay.

That evening was a girl's night out for the Texas girls, so we put on our glad rags and caught a taxi to Harbour View Hotel.

Ushi (Switzeralnd), Jutta (Germany), Maritha (Sweden) and Hannah (Wales)

Me with Caroline (Belgium) and Christina (Brazil)

The girls gave me this beautiful book as a momento. It is full of exquisite water-colour illustrations, history and legends, and vibrant descriptions of life in Việt Nam... perfect!

After drinks at Harbour View we went to BKK for dinner... Melissa and Mel joined us there for a very pleasant meal.

It was beginning to rain as we gathered for a photo. You can see the raindrops!

Some of the girls went on to Julie's Bar after dinner, but we had an early start planned for the morning, so we came home around 10ish... full and happy.

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