Sunday, November 25, 2012

My last weekend at VAIE

We returned from Cát Bà in time for me to get ready and go to work at 3pm... sad to start saying goodbye to my dear littlies!  Meanwhile our social secretary Xuân phoned around to organise karaoke for Adam's last night. He had to go back to work and was leaving on Sunday morning.

While I was at work Katie, Hannah and Adam went shopping for face masks...
Most people here wear them when they're riding ... protection from pollution as well as wind and sun. I can't... they make my glasses fog up.

It was sad saying goodbye to this class - they are a lovely bunch and have been learning very quickly. I've had them from raw beginners.
Class 1e2o - Justin, Tuấn, Tom, An, me, Alex, Tammy, Kendy, Max, Lilo, Kelly and Obama in the front.  When I first came to Việt Nam last year I was very glad that the students at VAIE had English nicknames because they were easy for me to remember, but now that I am familiar with Vietnamese names it is frustrating that I do no know them by their real names!

After this class finished at 9.30pm, Khánh picked me up and took me to join the others at karaoke. We intended to gather our close friends, but there were a few ring-ins that I didn't even know very well, who were hogging the microphone so it wasn't as we expected. They had to move our party to a bigger room....
These happy smiley ones were definitely on our list though.

We had a pleasant surprise when Tinh arrived from Mông Dương. Khánh did the honours again and went to pick him up from the bus station...

About 11pm it was time to finish .. so we finally played a couple of good dance tracks to finish on a high note.

 This group shot we took in the carpark includes many special friends... 
Tùng, Tinh,  Hà, me, Thảo, Vũ, Trung Ho, Trung, Tuấn Anh, Tuyền and Tiên
and in front - Khánh, XuânParazini Mạnh and Tiên.

This karaoke club is not far from home, so we walked back to the house, even though our gallant boys tried to insist that we should ride... love them to bits!

On Sunday morning I had to say goodbye to Adam before I went to work... Then the others saw him off ...

... with promises to come again next year...  'Besties'

Meanwhile, back at VAIE, I was once again saying goodbye to my dear students...  This is little Tom.  He was such a little fellow when we started 9 months ago - now he's my mate. He always comes boldly into the staff room for a chat and a cuddle.

One of my Kitty classes...

and from S1M2B:  Mary, Mickey, Nick, Frank, Jack and Pitt

Enthusiastic little ratbags ... LOL

More Kittys:  Jenny, Maria and little Ben

+ Sam

Ben, Baby, Mary, Mickey and Peter 

On my way home, I stopped off at the market and bought two BarBQ ducks hot off the rotisserie, because I knew Katie and Hannah were both hanging out for duck. In the meantime, they had gone for a walk with Xuân to buy fresh bread.  So when I got home we had a duck and bánh mì feast.  Then we walked up to the Uni to watch Khánh's soccer game, but when we got there it had been cancelled, so we continued with plan B .. which was to pay a surprise visit to the VIMARU English Club.  We were just coming up to the building when Hà saw us and hurried inside to tell the others - and they were surprised.  We had a very enjoyable time joining in again...

 Huy, Hannah, Tiên, Katie, Tiên and Trung Ho

Sự, Tiên, Katie, Tiên and Hannah, Tùng and Trung in front.

No wonder my girls love Hải Phòng too ... so many new friends ... 

On the way home, tall Tiên took us for a drink at a cafe on Lạch Tray that I can't remember the name of and we enjoyed smoothies and yoghurt drinks.  As we were leaving the girls bought curly fried potatoes on a stick with sweet chili sauce and mayo ... a yummy little late night snack. 


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