Monday, November 19, 2012

Waiting Up Late

Monday began for me with a brisk walk as usual with my faithful crew, then teaching my seamen class at VIMCO. They gave me a beautiful boquet of red roses for Teachers' Day (tomorrow). Tiên came over and took Katie, Hannah and Adam to the city centre so they could look around and go shopping. Adam wanted some T-shirts.  One of the highlights of their morning was enjoying the hospitality of a lady in a tea shop

I had two evening classes, so I went to work at 4.30.  I had two PRE-E classes (beginner adults), which are always a lot of fun.  Tonight my second class gave me an enormous bunch of flowers for Teachers' Day, which is tomorrow...

Since this was my last week of teaching I said goodbye at the end of the lessons.  But Seven, from the second class gathered them all together as they were leaving and they invited me to join them for snails!  Wonderful !  I phoned Katie to tell her I'd be late home (it was already after 9.30pm) and jumped on the back of one of the bikes and off I went...

Seven  ..................     Nicky and Tung

Seven speaks quite well - I don't know why he is in this class, not level 2. But that was a blessing, since the others are all beginners.  Tung (Roro) is coming to Australia next month to study in Melbourne!  I wonder if we'll get to catch up in Oz?

There were many toasts...

... then they decided to go on to karaoke.  So we all trooped off to a beaut karaoke place I hadn't been to before - with room for dancing and fabulous nightclub lights.  The guys were all dancing and I joined in and had so much fun.  I love how Vietnamese men are so uninhibited when it comes to dancing - so unlike Aussie men!  The girls are much more reserved here.

Anyway, by the time I got home with my gorgeous flowers it was very late and Katie had given up on waiting up for me and followed the others to bed.  Now that's a role switch for you!

These are the gorgeous flowers I have been blessed with for Teachers' Day by my various classes!

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