Sunday, November 4, 2012

Snails on Tiên

Tonight Tiên picked me up and took me to VIMARU English Club, then a bunch of us went out for snails...
Hà, Thảo, Trang, Nhung, Tiên, Tung, Trung, Trung Ho and Tiên
Tiên was our host .. we were celebrating his success in winning a scholarship recently.
Over the past couple of weeks my daily early morning walks have grown to include several of these energetic souls - Hà, Thảo, Tiên, and Trung are now regulars, along with Tuyền and Sáng (who weren't here tonight).  Trang and Tiên say they will walk with us tomorrow... We're becoming quite a crowd!  It's lovely how easy it is to grow close to people when you take time to commit to do something together on a regular basis - even something as simple as taking a brisk walk early in the morning. 
Oh dear!  Another thing I will miss when I go home in a few short weeks   ...   Look out Katie, you'll be coerced into joining me if you don't look out  LOL

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