Sunday, November 4, 2012

Every cloud has a silver lining

This weekend is the first one since the big tree at VAIE was blown down in the cyclone.  They have filled in the huge hole at the base (I forgot to ask what happened to the fish... ), but other than that, nothing has been done. Now in Australia, they would have put a barricade all around it and forbidden anyone to go near it for fear that someone might get hurt ... and sue the school. But not here!  I love Vietnam!  Here, the children had a marvellous time during the break climbing all over it!  All playing happily - no-one getting hurt, just having a good time being kids! Just like it would have been when I was growing up. How sad that today children at home would be denied such an opportunity for having fun. 


You can see the damage to the side of the building in this photo... (fortunately, just the facade)

... and the security guard keeping an eye on things...
This gorgeous little poppet is Lucy (check out my new teeth!)
Sun, Lucy and David from my Kitty 1 class

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