Sunday, November 18, 2012

Welcome Party

It was Sunday classes as usual for me (after an early morning walk of course!), so I was busy, but the kids kept busy.  Among other things they went to Big C to shop for party food, then found the cafe down the lane - AT Cafe - and decided that it would be their lounge-room, since we have no lounge at the house (only a kitchen table to sit at)

That evening we had a party so Katie, Hannah and Adam could meet my close friends. It was such a great night...  My friends started arriving at about 6 for a 7pm start.

The guests of honour ...  hmmmm.

Nhung, me, Thái, Thoa and Katie

(random univited guy), Trung Ho, Tu, me, Dao Khánh, Adam, Parazini Mạnh, Tinh and Tiên.

Acting as our host, darling Xuân arranged with the nuns next door for our guests to park their bikes in their courtyard, then he stayed outside the entire night to keep an eye on them ...

Sáng brought his sound system and the hooked it up so we had great dance music ... and dance we did!

   Katie at the DJ desk

 Trung is the Gangnam Style expert


An army of keen helpers prepared the food...

Tiên, Hannah, Thoa, Trung and 

Thái, Dương and Thảo

      Part way through the evening there was a blackout.  I had nothing on hand ... no torch, no candles (no matches!)  ... Mobile phones were used for torches as we milled around ... till Xuân had the very bright idea of going next door and borrowing some candles from the nuns!  Clever man!  So the party continued by candle-light for a while, till the power came back on.
We played Barnyard blindfolded - everyone is given a card with an animal on it (eg dog, cat, chicken...) and a blindfold and they have to find the other people with the same animal by making the animal's noise... hilarious and very noisy!!!   I cut up an old blue dress to make blindfolds ... which then became fashion accessories  LOL.

John was feeling very strong...

 the other Thảo and Tiên

By then it was after 10pm, so the music was turned off and the guitar brought out for a bit of a sing-along.

   my Tùng.

And after a fabulous night, it was time for a group photo and going home...

We really did have a wonderful night... 

... and now my Aussies understand why I love life in Hải Phòng so much!

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