Thursday, November 8, 2012

More great cooks!

This morning Tiên and Tuyền decided to come back after our early morning walk and cook lunch.. Woo-oo! So after going home for a shower etc., they were here by 8 and off we went to the market we walk past every morning.  It is always fascinating to walk through a market ... so much fresh food, so many people. And for me it is always nicer to go with a friend, so this morning I was doubly blessed to be with both Tiên and Tuyền!  First purchase was a fine fat fish...
While we were waiting for the lady to scale and gut it, another woman came up behind me and bent down and grabbed my ankle - exclaiming how enormous it is.  Thanks lady!  How very rude.  It is one aspect of life in Vietnam that I still struggle with, even though I try to laugh it off. Apparently such appalling invasion of privacy is quite culturally acceptable here...   Anyway, it didn't spoil our visit to the market... we were so busy having fun buying the ingredients for lunch she was quickly forgotten, and I forgot to take more photos.

Tiên and Tuyền took over my kitchen and were soon busy preparing our feast for lunch... so I brought my laptop downstairs so Katie could join us on skype.  She decided that was like slow torture since she wasn't here yet ... but this time next week we'll be together in Hà Nội - can't wait for that!!!
I was showing her how very different it is when you have fresh rice paper for wrapping spring rolls... it is so soft and pliable you can just scrunch it up and smooth it out again without tearing it. The rice paper available to us at home is so dry it is brittle... we have to wet it before we can work with it or it will break. 

Thảo and I had the task of rolling the chả nem. She said her mum would be surprised when she told her that a foreign lady taught her how to make Vietnamese food  LOL. My kitchen smelled great as the food cooked.
and then our feast was ready ...  what can I say??  Just fabulous!

Tiên,  Thảo  and Tuyền ... Cheers!

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