Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Farewell Andrea and Reinhart

This week Andrea and Reinhart are leaving for Chile, and next year they will be in South Korea. I rang to see if they'd like to come over for dinner, but Andrea insisted we come there ... I didn't take much persuading, I must admit!  Khánh dropped me off, then went to pick up Jutta and I chatted with Andrea while she prepared dinner one last time.  Then we took photos from the balcony...

It is quite surreal how beautiful and peaceful the night is after the storm just last night. It's balmy and clean and very still.
We shared a delicious dinner and I didn't get around to taking photos till we were leaving ... and of course all looking tired.  But on Tuesday we had a farewell lunch at Texas BBQ and I caught the irrepressible Andrea looking gorgeous as usual...

 ... a farewell toast

I will miss this beautiful friend.

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