Saturday, October 27, 2012

Snails for Dinner

There is a little restaurant that specialises in snails down the alley that I use for a short-cut to Lạch Tray street. I have walked past it many times going to and from work and there are always a lot of people there tucking in and tonight it was our turn!  Xuân arranged rides for Graham and me and we were joined by more lovely ladies...

  Thủy,   Quế,   Linh,   Nguyệt,  and  Tuyền 
Xuân,  Hương, Thủy  and  Quế  

The trick is to skewer the muscle of the 'foot' then twist the shell away from the meat. Fabulous dipping sauces make these very tasty little morsels!  There was one varity of pointy little shells that you snip the tip off, then suck furiously to extract the meat ... I wasn't nearly as successful with those!

It was beginning to rain as we parted company. You can see in this photo how busy it is at the tables set outside ... I have seen this so often - now I'm delighted to say I have "been there, done that!"

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