Friday, October 5, 2012

Also this week...

Besides enjoying the Lion Dancers other cool things happened in my busy week...

Firstly, I got to meet Mai's new baby... one week old. He's a very healthy 3+kgs - huge when you consider how tiny Mai is!
He won't be named until he's one month old.

These next photos are in the playground at a Primary school at Lê Chân where I now teach on Friday mornings - 5 x 40 minute classes, grades 4 and 5.

As you can see, the kids are just irrepressible!

On Monday morning I was having a quiet day at home (that happens once a week....) when Xuân called to say I was invited to lunch at the home of one of the Nam Phap Church students, (another) Khánh. So off I went with Khánh, Phuc and  Xuân. 

Khánh's mother joined us and she was lovely. She kindly offered to teach Katie some Vietnamese cooking when she comes in November... I know Katie will be delighted. She doesn't speak any English, but I'm sure one of the guys will be happy to translate.

This is Tiên Viên. A couple of afternoons a week he picks me up an hour before work and we sit and drink coffee at a little cafe across from VAIE. His English is improving and not only do I get a ride to work, I get to enjoy delightful conversation relaxing over a coffee as well. I can't believe that after all these years I am drinking coffee... yet another thing the Vietnamese do really well!

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