Friday, October 19, 2012

Sáng and Phương cooked lunch

Sáng and Phương cooked lunch today ... what a treat!!!

They went to the market and came back with heaps of fresh food. They chopped and minced and diced and scraped as Sáng cooked a delicious fish soup and under Sáng's direction, Phương made spring rolls and Bún Chả. . . 

. . . and we had a feast ready in under two hours.  There was so much food I phoned John and Melissa and they happily joined us.

We ate and ate and made happy grunting noises  LOL

I so glad that Sáng loves to cook and he came over to make my lunch!!  He has promised to cook with Katie when she comes. It fascinates me to see the techniques used in Vietnamese cooking... like for example, the thickening in the delicious fish soup is a root vegetable similar to potato that Sáng scraped with the edge of a big spoon to shave thin enough that it woud break down easily and thicken the soup. And to see him take all the flesh off a fish with chopsticks is very impressive!  Several ingredients I haven't seen before and everything presented beautifully.  Like Melissa said:  "All this without a food processor! That would take me days to prepare!"  Absolutely delicious, too.

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