Monday, October 15, 2012

Hùng's Lion dance team - Bắc Sư Vịnh Xuân Đường

I thought the Lion dancing season was over and done, when one of my students, Phi Hùng, invited me to come an watch his dance team  do  a special presentation for a convention at the Cultural Centre on Sunday morning. So bright and early, at 7am, Hung picked me up wearing his gorgeous satin uniform.

He is part of a large team, Bắc Sư Vịnh Xuân Đường, that is extremely professional in their presentation. Their uniforms and gear are all immaculate. Today because of stage size limitations, they performed with just five lions/unicorns. All was loaded into a truck and off we went to the convention centre.

Beautiful girls, gorgeous flowers

We waited backstage in the large auditorium while speeches and presentations of flowers dragged on (posing for photos). The occasion was a birthday celebration for a Chinese Company and there were lots of flowers!

But eventually our drummers took to the stage and the show began.

I was watching from the wings, so my photos don't really do the team justice....

I could hear the audience laughing at the antics of the dancers as everybody thoroughly enjoyed the show. They are extremely fit and strong and they leapt and whirled around enthusiastically.  All of them were soaked through by the end!

This is the head that Hùng danced with...
...imagine standing at full stretch on someone's shoulders waving that around while they danced beneath you!!  Talk about good balance!

Job well done!

And I was only a few minutes late for my 9.30am class....

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