Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Enjoying the company of dear friends...

Every day I am blessed by spending time with my wonderful students and friends... Take the last few days, for example...

On Thursday, Khánh and I went into town and met Jutta Schwarz, a German teacher who has been here for 2 months.

We had bánh cuốn for lunch... I was fascinated watching the guy make it.
Jutta will spend time with Khánh speaking German, which is wonderful. We have been trying to find someone from Germany in Hải Phòng who can help Khánh to learn German for months. Now Jutta has introduced Khánh to Maarten, an 18 year old from Germany who is here for a year doing volunteer work with the new German Language Program that Jutta is setting up in some local schools - so he has two new friends to practice with.... now that's an answer to prayer!
On Friday afternoon, Tiên invited me for a drink, so I spent a very pleasant hour and a half chatting with  him and his friends, Tuyên and Phương ... and of course we took the usual photos!!
... Tuyến, Tiên and Phương


Then Tiên took me home in time to be picked up by Ba so we could go out for dinner. This will be our last time for a while, for he was sucessful in his interview and has been given a post on a tanker with his company. In a few days he will fly from Hà Nội to Singapore to board his ship and will live the life of a seaman for many years. All his hard work has paid off and his career is under way. It's very exciting ... but I will miss him.

But they say good things come in threes... and I went out for the third time on Friday... to Mai's Level 4 end of course party. Such a delightful bunch ... I have really enjoyed their class.

Phương, Quỳnh and Chị

Tiên, Tiên, Hung, Nam, Dũng, Hoàng and Sen  

We all went out for Chè sữa and had a great time. They have formed firm friendships during their time studying together and it's lovely to see how they interact with each other.
On Sunday night I caught up with Toni at BKK Restaurant for dinner. She's been away in HCM City and Danang having a holiday with an old friend from  Oz, so there was lots of news to share.  We sat outside for a delicious main course (talking too hard to take pics) and went inside for dessert to enjoy the live music ... a man playing guitar and a lady playing violin ... so very nice.

After not having been to BKK at all this year, I was there again the next day for lunch... at the same table!!  Helle is here for a few days so it was great to see her.  Maritha and Caroline joined us for a lovely lunch. Now it's Autumn, the weather is beautiful and it was just right for dining al fresco.

Here's Andrea, looking very glam at Wednesday lunch at Texas BBQ...

Oh my, Coffs will seem very quiet....

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