Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mai's baby party

Mai and Cường's baby is now one month old, so they had a naming party for him. I was blessed to be invited.
 Mai and little Xuân Lam

As always the food at Mai's was wonderful. Check out these crispy little numbers... frog legs ... Delicious!! Mai said she is on a very strict diet for three months and can only eat pork (no seafood, frogs or chicken). Apparently there are lots of traditional rules governing life for a new mum here, so she couldn't join in the feasting, poor darling!

All so fresh and tasty.

Check out the splendiferous cakes ... one tier for each of the family...

Xuân Lam - the year of the dragon

Mai - the year of the pig

and Cường - the year of the rooster.

Many family and friends had come and there was loads of food... plenty of toasts for the baby's future and a good time had by all.  Mai's brother was very friendly and he was keen to have a photo with me ... probably hasn't seen such a huge lady up close before...!  I don't expect anyone in Mai's family is over 5' tall.

After the meal was cleared away we settled in for some Karaoke until it was time for Mr Cường, my xe ôm, to take me back to work. Affectionate farewells from Mai's family and off I went...  How privileged am I!

Footnote: This is little Xuân Lam at three months old....
Now that's a surprise!!!  How could he grow so big, so fast????

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