Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bánh đa cua

Tuesday morning began at 5.30am walking as usual, then at 7am Tiên picked me up and took me into the city centre for breakfast ... bánh đa cua at 26 Kỳ Đồng Street - the best I've ever tasted!

It was very, very busy .. these ladies were flat out serving bowl after bowl of delicious soup. Each ingredient is put in the dish fresh and then the broth poured over the top, so the vegetables are still crisp and the noodles aren't mushy ... just perfect!

Tiên and I were joined by Vũ Anh, whose family owns the restaurant.  She is one of the NP students. I told her I definitely want to bring Katie, Hannah and Adam here while they're in Hải Phòng ... You can't see all the goodies until you stir ... there's chicken, and meat balls and all kinds of surprises in every mouthful. Delicious.
And this is breakfast!

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