Sunday, October 21, 2012

VIMARU English Club

Since I only had one class today, I was happy to go out tonight. (Sunday nights I'm often tired and just want to stay home and do nothing).  So at 7pm Tiên picked me up and we went for dinner ... lòng lợn (pigs heart -arteries and stuff) and đậu phụ (tofu).  I must admit the meat was a little unusual for a western palate... and rather chewy, but the tofu is so fresh it melts in your mouth - yum!

I gave my camera to the man at the next table to take a photo of us ... guess he's not used to handling a camera! ... still you get the idea!

After dinner we went to VIMARU University to English Club and had a very enjoyable evening. There were many familiar faces there from our NP Church class. Hà is the president, and she does a masterful job. They welcomed me and asked me to introduce myself, then played a team game where each team had to write a list of nouns with the first letters spelling out a given word. A good game ... I'll remember that one!

Then they had to discuss what they would do if Doomsday was upon us and they only had one day to live. Nearly everyone said they wanted to spend their last day with their families ... especially their parents. It is so beautiful here how much love and respect young people in Việt Nam have for their Mum and Dad. One young man said he wanted to go home and sleep next to his parents one last time, because when he was a child he used to sleep with them -  obviously a treasured memory for him.

They asked me how I would spend my last day. Given the scenario, I wouldn't have time to get back to my family so I would be here. I told them that after contacting my family (preferably via skype!) I would spend my last day telling all who would listen about the love of Jesus and how much the Father wants to call them his children. A short, impromptu gospel message, but I love these dear friends so much I yearn for them to know God like I know Him - as my personal friend and source of all love and joy, my protector, lover of my soul, my Father - the God of the Universe, who sings over me! It is my prayer that they will recognise something different about me ... and that they will come to realise that difference is the love of God flowing in and through my life.

 People here never pass up a photo opportunity...

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