Friday, November 1, 2013

Strong men to the rescue...

As we were crossing back over Cầu Rào this morning, we saw a couple of street vendors in trouble with an over-loaded bike. The lady was crouched on the ground with two enormous, heavy bags in her lap desperately trying to sort out the rope that was supposed to be tying them onto the bike. The man couldn't help her because he had his hands full keeping the bike upright! Other motorists just swerved around them even though it was pretty obvious she couldn't possible fix the problem on her own. So Tuyền and Hải jumped the guard rail and went to her assistance.

The rope simply wasn't long enough to secure both bundles, so eventually they redistributed the load... and when they took off again, the lady was sitting on the green vegies with a huge jackfruit balanced on the handlebars and the man peering around her to see where he was going...

I hope they didn't have far to go!

This morning's walking crew... Tuyền, Hải, Nelly and Long... 6:30am.

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