Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Last Classes at VAIE for 2013

Such a brief stint at VAIE this year...less than three months! Nevertheless, I have still come to love a new crop of students...

This is 2E1e - back row: Jayce, Tom, Victor, James and Bill; 
middle row: Putin, Bella, Tiffany, Cloud, Sun, me and Anna;
front row:  Jessica, Vicky, Ben and Mary



                                                    Zeus.......................and 2E2e

1E2oB - back row:  Twins - Tony and Tom, John
middle row: Sarah, Jean, me, Adam, Kevin, Henry and Peter
front row:  Vicky, Tracy and Antonio

 "See you next year!"  in the staff room...

This is Trung... he has been my TA for 3 years now.
His nick name used to be Loyal, but now it's Nathan... way too confusing! 
I'll just stick with Trung!

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