Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our last night

Our last night...finishing off our packing. We were pretty quiet until our gorgeous crew arrived for one last night together!

We settled in for some Tenzi, and when Thảo arrived, we opened up the Tenzi that I had given to Hiếu (Katie brought two more sets over with her so I could give them to my friends) so six of us could play...then seven after Luyền arrived. We were playing Tenzi Tower and our towers had all collapsed all over the place when Thảo got up to leave. We said our goodbyes (for she will be working tomorrow when we have to leave) and off she went. When we sat down to resume our game, Hiếu was missing a blue dice, so we searched... everywhere...all around the floor, under the bed...but to no avail. It had vanished into thin air!  Then Katie had the bright idea of calling Thảo to see if she had it. You wouldn't read about it. When Hiếu's tower collapsed, one of the dice had landed in her jacket pocket unnoticed. He will arrange to get it back from her asap.

The last of our packing is just about done. We had a variety of kitchen stuff to leave behind, so after playing Tenzi we loaded them up with a bag or two each of goodies... 


These last two photos show beautifully why we've had such a good time this year ... so much laughter, even at a time that could be so sad. 

Who could ask for more?

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