Monday, November 4, 2013

Old friends

On Sunday we were doubly blessed... after a much needed sleep-in, we had a quiet morning, then in the afternoon we got to meet with Sáng and his friend, Tú.  Sáng has been working in another province, so I haven't seen him this year, but this weekend he finally made it home for a weekend. It was so lovely for see him again!


He made it back in time to see John and Melissa before they leave, too.

Then in the evening, Xuân came over and we walked to the Bún Chả corner for dinner....delicious as always!  An unexpected surprise while we were there was when Việt, the dancer we met last night at the bonfire, came up to say hello! Turns out his uncle owns the Bún Chả street restaurant and he was working there...small world!

It was like old times, spending time with Xuân again.

This morning, after walking, Hải, Hiếu and Long came with me to the market and I bought a load of fruit and vegies and they kindly carried them all home for me. Then Katie and I went to Big C and bought a frying pan and a variety of food and plates etc so Katie could cook...and she promptly whipped up a delicious lunch for us!

This afternoon at Nam Phap Church class we discussed parties, so for the first game we played pin the tail on the donkey... and just check out the donkey The Director drew for me - out of the blue, with no practice or warning!! How talented is he ?!!

Sadly, this will be my last Monday afternoon class this year, so we took a group photo...
...dear friends...

Tonight for dinner, we walked to Văn Cao to the Korean restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed a Korean BarBQ and bulgolgi...yum!

Good thing Katie knew what to order!

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