Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hiếu's Birthday Party

We were back in Hải Phòng by early afternoon. Hải came and picked Katie up to go and buy a birthday present for Hiếu. She knew exactly what she wanted - a black jumper with an appropriate design to suit his style, and Hải would know just where to go to get it. They went off on their shopping expedition and I stayed at the hotel because I had a meeting arranged with Giang to pick up my pay for the last few weeks. She is keen for me to let her know as soon as I return so I can do more classes for her.  
The shopping trip was very successful, with jumpers purchased for both Hải and Hiếu. I'm always happy to leave clothing selection to Katie because she has a real talent for choosing clothes for men that totally suit the individual...and she did it again today.

After they got back, Dịu came over and we played Tenzi...always fun! And Hải helped me book a taxi to drive Katie and I to Hà Nội Airport on Thursday.

Before we knew it was Hiếu's birthday party tonight, I had arranged for us to go out to dinner with Mr Tuấn and his family. I had taught his son, 'Leo' in previous years at VAIE. He and Leo picked us up and took us to a nice seafood restaurant in the city. We thought we would meet his wife and daughter there, but they had left early. Nevertheless we had a very pleasant meal. Mr Tuấn speaks excellent English and he is quite interested in Isagenix. Even though Leo is only 9, his English is pretty good, too so the conversation flowed easily. When it was time to go, Mr Tuấn dropped us off at Hiếu's birthday party.

He was hosting several of his classmates at a hotpot restaurant and they were well into it by the time Katie and I arrived, having been celebrating for most of the afternoon... I only knew a few of them, and not long after we arrived they adjourned to a karaoke bar for a song or two, so we hopped into a taxi and followed the convoy. I was reminded how blessed I have been in that I very rarely have to travel by taxi. Most of the time I have had someone going out of their way to give me a ride to and fro...or it was close enough to walk! 

This time it was Hiếu's turn to celebrate.

Like I said, I didn't know most of his mates ... 
... but this lot are just gorgeous!

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