Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Worth waking up early for...

This morning Katie got up at 5:30am and came with me and my friends for our walk!!!! If you know Katie, you know what a huge effort that is  Haha... There were a lot of us this morning

Hải, Thủy, Ngọc, Long, me and Hiếu, with Dương, Dịu and Bịch behind.

I took pics of a couple of the standout homes we walk past each morning...The first is ultra modern and is one of my favourites. The top storey would have great views out over the river.


This second one was under construction last year, so I watched it's progress from the foundations up. It was half built when I left ... now it's all finished, and there is even a veggie garden on the vacant block next door.

Never a dull moment - we had two more incidents helping people with lost loads this morning... first was a lady who dropped a bag of greens all over the road.

The second was more spectacular... This lady had a sign board, table, stools and boxes just balanced precariously on the back of her bike and it all slipped and came crashing off onto the road.

Once again, our walking crew came to the rescue!

I guess she wasn't going far, for she was happy to ride off with nothing tied down!

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