Friday, November 15, 2013

My Last Nam Phap Church Class for 2013

After three years, it doesn't get much easier...but at least this morning was tempered by knowing I would see everyone again next week when we celebrate Teachers' Day. So I managed to keep it together as we had our final class (for me... not for them!) at Nam Phap Church for 2013. Because I took on an afternoon class for most of the time this year, there were many new students that I didn't really get to know as well as I would have liked to. Those still here from last year have become even more precious, though.

We divided the class into groups and they had to come up with a drama titled "I Know What You Did Last Tuesday". Once again, they were very creative and had lots of fun.  They are so clever.

I don't have photos of the hysterical dramas, because I video'd them.  Anyhow, after that class we gathered in front of the Church for lots of photos.

 Madame Tra

 The Director


   Thảo and Tuấn Anh

  Tiên Vien

  Tuấn Anh

  Katie and Mạnh




After taking lots of photos, a bunch of us went and had Bún Chả  for lunch...always delicious! 

Dịu,  Hiếu, Long, Katie and Hải

Tuấn Anh, me, Quỳnh, Tiên, Mạnh and Dịu
Luyền joined us later...)

After lunch a bunch of us went to several Karaoke places looking for one with a room large enough for the party Katie and I are planning for Sunday night. We eventually settled on an up-market place called SingSing that I had walked past many times. It was really nice and had a room large enough for us to host 30 or more guests and still have room to dance!  Arranging things like this is so easy when we have the enthusiastic assistance of such beautiful friends.

So much I'll miss ...

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