Thursday, October 31, 2013

Karaoke revisited

Of course, Katie was keen to catch up with old friends from last year, so when I went to teach classes the night we got back to HP, Hà, Thảo, Tiên and Tuyền came over to visit her and take her out for dinner. 

Then on Thursday morning, while I went off teaching kindies and then year 10's for Giang, Katie caught up on some sleep, skyped the family, and tackled some of her uni work. She has decided to do one Unit of study during the Summer holidays to lighten the load next semester...and that means keeping on top of the work while she's here.

I had two classes at VAIE tonight as well, but as soon as I finished, I joined Katie with Tuyền, Hà, Nhung, Thảo, and Tiên for Karaoke! Just a few of us, but a lovely evening singing together...  

Although I've see Tuyền and Tiên quite often, I've only caught up with Hà, Nhung and Thảo a couple of times for they are working and keep very busy. So it was really lovely to spend time with them again.

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