Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hannah's Wedding

Hannah, one of the TA's from VAIE who has been there since I first came in 2011, invited me to her wedding today!

Coincidentally, it was right next door, so I didn't have far to go! It is a huge reception palace with pretty gardens and is very popular.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were lined up to welcome guests

And the bride and groom and their parents stood in the foyer personally greeting each guest. Hannah looked radiant, of course.. and after I gave her a hug, I got the biggest surprise... she has an identical twin sister! Because Hannah was beautifully made up for the occasion with her hair all glamorous etc, when I turned around to meet her sister I did a double take!  It was as if this was the real Hannah!!!

She led me inside the enormous reception hall where about 500 guests were gathering and sat me at a table with some very friendly people around my age. None of them spoke English, but I managed to introduce myself in my limited Vietnamese and the ladies proceeded to fuss over me throughout the meal.

Once all the guests were seated, the bridal party entered...

The formalities didn't take long... they exchanged rings, then cut the cake, and poured a champagne toast...

Hiệp and Loan (Hannah)

Throughout the ceremony, we were being served a banquet of delicious food. the bridal party moved from table to table to thank their guests and drink a toast and while they were doing that, we were entertained by a variety of singers.

Josie had been invited too, but she had to teach and so arrived as everything was wrapping up. This is Hannah's twin looking more like Hannah than Hannah!!!

I think Hiệp is a very lucky man... Hannah is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She has always been one of the favourite TA's at VAIE. I felt so blessed to have been invited to the wedding.

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