Friday, October 18, 2013

Kindy classes

Giang contacted me again this week to ask if I could fill in and teach some Kindergarten classes. Her xe ôm (motorbike taxi) picked me up on both Thursday and Friday mornings. Unfortunately, it was raining both days, so it was a wet old ride - I had to wear thongs and roll my pants up because your feet get covered in mud and road grime when it's raining. When you get where you're going, you leave your shoes at the door anyway, and wash your feet!

The kindy kids were delightful and the classes were a lot of fun...

I hope to do more of these classes when Katie gets here.  I will bring her with me - she'd just love it! And the kids would love her too, of course  LOL.  Both the kindergartens were a good half hour ride from here. On Friday we again headed out towards Kien An and I began to wonder if we were headed for Mr Thanh's Kindergarten, where I taught the last two years... and sure enough, we were!  I didn't see anyone that I knew, but I did get to go upstairs for the first time into the actual classrooms. I taught 2 half hour classes. The first class was just wonderful, the kids were so responsive, we had a really good time. The second class was a bit rowdier, but still fun. On the way out I took this photo of the first class having their lunch...after which they would have a long nap, then more fun and games...  gorgeous little people!

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