Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another wedding!

This morning the teachers from VAIE were all invited to Bich (the canteen lady)'s son's wedding. Twelve of us left the school as soon as the last morning class finished and caught taxis to the city centre, to the Hữu Nghị Hotel in Điện Biên Phư street. 

The wedding reception had begun 45 minutes before we arrived, so we missed all the formalities, but arrived in time for the singing and feasting. The huge room featured a large swimming pool, and our table was next to the pool - gorgeous!

Lee, me, Claudine and Josie

Darren, Linh, Melissa and John

One of the fathers sang a love song, and half way through the other father decided to help...and he'd obviously been celebrating pretty heavily and he was very funny. We were all waiting for him to fall into the pool...

Then the bride also sang a song with a friend (or maybe her sister?) and did a great job.

The rowdy mob sitting at this table behind ours were from the groom's soccer team. They enjoyed plenty of toasts and were keen to say hello before we left.

On the way out, we all posed for photos...

Sun, Linh and Melissa in the back row, with Bich (the groom's mother - looking very glamorous), Ann, Lee, Angelia, Josie, Claudine and me

All the girls plus Graham and Darren

The groom's sister monitoring the gift boxes. Guests give money, rather than presents, and the money is put in an envelope and then into either the groom's or the bride's box. There is no obligation for the money to be pooled together - the bride has control of her money! And from my experience, there is no acknowledgement of the gifts... no thank you letters. 

  Beautiful Lee and her children.

Lee, me, Josie, Angelia, Kate, one of the receptionists, and Nicholas

We all had a thoroughly enjoyable time... feeling very well looked after!

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