Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Simple pleasures in life

The simple pleasures in life that make me happy.... 

I have been hand washing my clothes and hanging them in the bathroom to dry, except there is no rail or line, just a couple of suction hooks on the tiled wall, and it's an internal room, so it's not the most expedient arrangement. So I have taken to draping my clothes over the balcony rail to dry... (looks like a Chinese laundry!). Well, this morning I did some washing and when the cleaners came to do my room, they blessed me by bringing me a drying rack and putting it out on the balcony!!!!  YAY!!! My clothes dried in about 2 hours!!!

And here's another thing that makes me happy. I love the way the sky changes colour at sunset and I see a lot of sky through my lovely big window. Last night it was this beautiful mauve colour.... 
... matched my gorgeous flowers! 

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