Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nam Phap Church English Club's 5th Anniversary Celebrations !!!

After a massive effort by many, many people, the big night finally arrived... Nam Phap Church English Club's 5th Anniversary Celebrations !!! Tuấn Anh and his team had the Conference room at Nam Phap all decorated for the party when I arrived at 8pm. Before long, about 200 people gathered for a high energy, loud celebration. I didn't know the majority of those who came, for there were only a few of the old faces in the crowd, but many new friends were there...

There were speeches, songs, dancing, presentations of flowers from other English Clubs - all with the microphone and music cranked up at full volume (this is Việt Nam after all...). One of the highlights was a very funny movie that they had made featuring Mr. A, a deadbeat gamer who wanted to get the attention of a hotgirl, who could speak English...he ended up at NPCEC and was completely transformed into our suave, dashing president.  It was well done and greatly appreciated by the audience.

Lots of laughter... wonderful friends... great memories...

 Current President, Mr Tuấn Anh and his predecessor Mr Xuân

  Nhung sang for us


And after all the formalities... the party got under way...

At first the cake was treated with respect, but somebody had to start it... and soon after many people had cake smeared on their faces for the rest of the photos!

I think I smiled for about a hundred photos!!  Lots of fun  LOL

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