Tuesday, October 22, 2013

English Club, visitors, making a movie, and a class at 7am!

On Sunday night Tuyền cooked me a totally delicious dinner and then we walked across to the PEEP English Club at VIMARU. Since today was Vietnamese Women's Day, the boys sat on one side and the girls on the other for some games. That was a bit different for me... I don't know many of the girls yet!!  But I knew more than half of the boys... here are a few of them...
 Tuấn Anh, Tuyền, Hảianh , Tiên, and Tiến.

On Monday night, Tuyền brought two of his friends over for a riotous game of Tenzi
Tuyền, Len and Anh

On Tuesday morning, Khánh picked me up and took me to VIMARU to meet Tuấn Anh and a bunch of his friends. They were shooting a movie to be featured at the Nam Phap Church English Club party on Saturday night. They needed a foreign teacher, so I was it. The girl in the pink cardigan is the 'hot girl' in the movie...

While we were waiting to get started, I was intrigued by the training for the soccer team on the other side of the lake....

They wouldn't tell me the plot...I have to wait to see the end product!  Suffice to say that Tuấn Anh was made over to look like a derro for his part  Haha!

Another first for me was teaching a class at 7am!  This morning I taught 4 classes at the Senior High School in CatBi street... Years 11 and 12... and the first class was at 7am!!!!  There was no time for my early morning walk this morning.  It is an excellent school and the classes were much more enjoyable than the other high schools I've taught in. These students were really on the ball so the classes went very quickly. I wouldn't mind teaching there again.

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