Monday, August 27, 2012

Three Nights Out

I've been out every night lately and the last three nights were no different! On Saturday night, Xuân picked me up after I finished teaching and took me to Texas BarBQ where I met Toni for dinner, then we rocked up to a beaut little cafe/nightclub just down the end of our lane called Rainbow. They have live music there and it was packed. A group of Xuân s English Club friends were already there, settled in a back room, playing Jenga.  Everyone was sitting on the floor, but they had to find a stool for me because my knee is still a bit dodgy. They are such a happy bunch there was much laughter... especially when they started to play 'Truth or Dare'...

They went on from there to Karaoke, but I had taught 4x2-hour classes, starting at 7.30am, so I headed for home and bed!  Must have been tired to knock back karaoke!
Then on Sunday night we were out again. This time it was the farewell/welcome dinner for VAIE teachers... Farewell to Ian and Will, who finish up this week... (NOOOOOOOO! ), and welcome to John and Melissa, Toni, and Graham (another Aussie who arrived a couple of days ago).  We went to a fabulous restaurant called Quàn Ngon.

Will, Graham, Lotus, Toni, Melissa and John

The food here is fabulous, the set-up is unique, and we had a really enjoyable meal.

I am going to miss Will so much. He's an absolute darling and has a heart of gold. It is no surprise that he has so many friends here... all hoping he will return. Next weekend is his birthday and then he will be gone. But nothing in this life is coincidence and I pray we will cross paths again in the years to come - maybe here, maybe in Ireland, maybe in South America... only God knows.

And my third night out, tonight, was actually only a stop off for dinner on the way home from work. I met Becki at Texas BarBQ. I haven't seen her for weeks because Gene went back to the US for a few weeks, so we had a catch-up. At the table next to us was the cutest little girl imaginable. Her very proud Dad encouraged her to talk to us and before long she was posing for photos...

Children are treasured in this culture and are so used to being loved and cuddled they are not frightened of strangers, but curious. Everywhere I go I see babies, toddlers and little kids surrounded by family and friends who hold them and watch over them, and the little ones are content and secure in the knowledge that they are safe and cherished.  No wonder they are so happy.  This little darling was blowing us kisses as we left.

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