Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thai's birthday lunch

Mai invited John and Melissa, Toni and I to lunch for a party to celebrate Thai's birthday...
Not only was it his birthday, he was also the chef!  We sat down to a delicious feast that he had been preparing for two days!

These snails are from ponds and riverbeds and rice paddies... wherever there is clean fresh water.

The meat is removed chopped up and mixed with other ingredients then re-inserted into the shells with the leaf to make it easy to pull the filling back out... clever, eh... and quite delicious.. . another first for the other Aussies!



The fish cutlets are crumbed and deep fried and taste just as good as they look.  They called the sushi by another name, but whatever it's called, it's always good. Also on the menu were sticky-rice fritters, spring rolls, hot chips, coleslaw and a variety of dipping sauces. So much delicious food!
This is Hà. She is a contestant in the spelling bee debating competition that I am judging tonight. Five of the 6 finalists are students I know so it will be exciting to see who comes out on top!

As we left I had to get a photo of me with Mai. How petite she is (even 8 months pregnant) !!

John and Melissa, Toni, Mai, me and

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