Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fruit Tea

Woo-oo! Saturday night free!  After I had dinner with Will and Emma I walked home and had a shower... the rain has stopped, so it's very hot and humid again. But my early lesson tomorrow was cancelled, so I planned to sleep in!  My friend Ba has a bit of free time from studying, having just finished more exams, so he came over and picked me up at 8.  We went to the hotel/hostel where her is now living and studying and I met some of his friends. They are all studying English, so it was easy to talk with them. Ba shares a large room with three others and their classrooms are on the next floor. They work very hard for the jobs they will be offered as navigators depend on their level of English, for only English is spoken on the bridge on board ships.  I was too busy chatting to remember to pull out my camera.

After a while the others went to watch the gold medal soccer match between Brazil and whoever. I can't believe I'm missing an Olympic Games. It's televised here on a couple of channels, but of course there is no mention of any Australians... and I didn't see any of either the swimming or the diving, a little bit of gymnastics... every time I turned to that channel they were televising weightlifting, table-tennis or 'experts' sprooking on about highlights they didn't show!!  AARRGHH

Not to worry! Ba and I went downtown to a cafe and had Chè Hoa Quả - literally 'fruits tea'... How good does this look??
I have no idea what half the ingredients are, but they're all yummy!  It's called tea because underneath the heap it's swimming in icy orange tea.   Ba took a photo of me writing dowm the name of it, because I'd forget otherwise.

 So of course, I took one of him!

At about 9.30 I got a text from Will pleading with me to take his morning classes so he could have tomorrow off. I know he and Emma were having farewell drinks at Julie's Bar tonight and planning to hit Hanoi one last time tomorrow arvo... and I hadn't planned anything fabulous. So I agreed... but Will now owes me BIG TIME!

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