Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Bailey's birthday today!

3rd August... it's Bailey's Birthday!!  In order to catch her before she went to school, I needed to call her on skype at 5.15am our time.  But lately I have been getting up then to go for a walk and Khánh has been coming with me, so he got up even earlier than usual to get here in time to sing Happy Birthday to Bailey. She's 6 years old today...
 She wouldn't keep still!

Nor would she just give me a pretty smile!!

All ready for school with Jordan

 It's strange to realise it's winter at home when it's so hot here. Last night when I was talking to Katie at 1am her time (she was working on a Uni assignment that was due) it was only 4 degrees in Coffs!!  Gotta love skype - not only do I get to video call my darlings, I can take photos of them, too!


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