Friday, August 10, 2012

Another Treasure

I woke up this morning all blocked up with a cold and feeling pretty ordinary. I was looking forward to going with Đạt to visit Lan (finally!!) this morning, but had to scrap that idea... she certainly doesn't need me spreading germs around! I also had to cancel my Vietnamese lesson with Xuân and Will so I could rest.

But dear Xuân came around as soon as he finished classes this morning and went to the market for me... I had run out of fresh food. He came back with cucumbers and tomatoes, watermelon, apples and bananas and fresh bánh mì. Wonderful! Then, even though he had other arrangements, he took the time to cook me some cháo hành (rice porridge) because he said I needed to eat some onion and you can't eat onion by itself, so the rice and chicken made perfect partners for the onion!

Chef Xuân...

The cháo needed to cook for an hour or so and after he got it all sorted Xuân gave me instructions on how to finish it off and he left, making me promise to call him if I needed anything else.  Of course, it was delicious... perfect comfort food! I've decided I'll definitely make it again and add this dish to my repertoire.
Another one of my treasures...

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