Monday, August 20, 2012

Bee Star After-party

Tonight Xuân invited me to join in the Bee Star After Party. I swapped tonight's class with Will, so I was free to go... and what a great night we had. By the time Đạt picked me up they were already well into it. We started out at a large chicken restaurant - Minh Hoạch - for dinner. All of the fabulous volunteers of the Bee Star crew were there...

Lots of great food...

and lots of toasts...

and lots and lots of photos...
    Thảo and Nga  

     Thái and      

 and this is Sòn, who was MC with Rose.

Thoa, Hà and Thái

After dinner, we went to Karaoke - which is always a lot of fun! When we got there, the shenanigans continued in the carpark with English Club President Hiệp acting the drunken fool.

It was a nice place, well set up with the comfy couches and big screen TV etc... and it was loud, but not ear-piercingly so like some are.

It was also this Thái's birthday, so they presented him with a cake...

The plan was to shove the small cake into his face, then bring out a big glamorous cake for singing, eating etc... but the big cake ended up as ammunition for a cake fight and cake went everywhere...

It was all over everyone, the lounges, the floor ... walking was hazardous it was so slippery!


That pretty much put an end to the night... a few hardy souls danced and sang till our time ran out though ... that wasn't easy for me, because I had to dance on one leg, pretty much. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I dropped Khánh's motorbike on my leg this morning trying to learn how to ride it... nothing broken but I surely have some scratches and bruises!

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