Monday, August 6, 2012

Movie night

I went to the movies last night!  After finishing work at 5 and trudging home, I got a text from Will telling me they were going to see Batman - Dark Knight Rises. So I phoned Mr Cường and got him to talke me to Parksons where I met up with Will and Emma and three other teachers - Ingrid, Cathy and Katherine. It had been one of those really hot days here and it was uncomfortably hot on the entertainment level, too... where the food court and the games rooms are. I grabbed some dinner and the others (who'd already eaten at BKK) went into the bowling alley and played a game while we waited for the movie to start.

When Mr Cường dropped me off, he asked me if I wanted to be picked up and I explained (mostly in sign language...) that I didn't know when the movie would finish, so maybe around 9 o'clock I might call him. Well, there we were, engrossed in a three hour long movie and my phone began to ring! How embarassing! And do you think I could find it in the bottom of my bag in the dark?? It didn't occur to me to turn it off because I get so few calls... usually people here send text messages. Beyond embarassing!  Bless his heart, it was Mr Cường  checking if I needed a ride... All I could do was send him a text (in English) and hope he could find someone to translate it.

Other than that, the movie was great. I enjoyed it more than I expected to. I love going to the movies here... it's so Birch, Carroll and Coyle. A touch of home. And I had no trouble catching a taxi home at 10.30pm.

It rained all night, but this morning at 5.15am when my alarm went off to wake me up to go walking, the rain had eased to a light drizzle, so I had no excuse!  When I got back home again at 6.30 the rain began again in earnest and it has been pouring all day. I expect there is plenty of localised flooding around here... several roads will be blocked off by now. It will be interesting trying to get to work... I may be wading through water ankle deep (and deeper)!

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