Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Thanh family

This afternoon, after NPCEC, I got to spend some time with Đạt, which was really good. Hr studying again and excited for his future, which is so much better than where he was last year - looking for a job. He has been working at LG, but realises the value of improving his qualifications to enable him to build a career.

Hiếu came over for dinner, and I made him a salad. Since I have nothing to cook on in my kitchen, my usual meal at home is a salad made with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, mint, hard-boiled duck eggs, cashews, and some dried, shredded pork with a squirt of mayonnaise...simple but yummy. I think that Hiếu was quite surprised how good it tastes (even without chilli sauce!)
After dinner he took me to meet a family I've met on Facebook who want their little daughter to learn English. Hiếu came to be my interpreter, as well as my ride.  Mr Thanh kept saying that his daughter is shy with foreigners....naaah, I don't think so....we were friends within about 10 minutes of our arrival. The son is autistic, but he stayed close by. They want me to teach Thủy and her mother, Phương, how to pronounce all the words in a picture dictionary that they own, so we made arrangements for a one hour lesson every Monday and Wednesday. I will need to research a few new ways to reinforce vocabulary words suitable for both an adult and a child....hmmmm.

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