Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ann's Wedding

I returned to Hải Phòng this hear just in time to attend Ann's wedding!  It was such a lovely surprise to see her happy, pregnant and about to be married when I came back, and fortunately for me, I came in time to attend her wedding.  

This morning the VAIE family all gathered at the school...teachers and admin staff. The three foreigners are Tracy, me and Lee. 

 Mark, Graham and Frank 

The wedding reception was right next door to VAIE, so we didn't have far to go...even so, we were among the last to be seated - it was a bit like herding cats getting everyone over there.

Ann looked beautiful of course! and her daughter, Linh and new step-daughter, (also Linh) looked gorgeous too in their matching dresses.

Phạm Thị Dung and Nguyển Kim Chính

As with most Vietnamese weddings, the feasting began immediately - lots of food and drink. Unfortunately there was a blackout and the air-conditioning wasn't working, so it was very hot.

The formalities began and the bride and groom were introduced...

They exchanged rings, and poured the pink champagne glass tower, then the bride and groom gave a drink to their new in-laws and drank a toast.

The bridal party then circulated through the room, having a toast at each table while the feasting continued. Some singers kept us entertained... Graham and Lee were the only ones bold enough to get up and dance...go the Aussies!

Lina, Sun, Ann and Lily

 Two Anns


I must admit, I miss working with these lovely people. They are like family to me, so today was very special for me.

The VAIE family.

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