Saturday, September 13, 2014

Our first Isagenix Meeting!

This morning a small group of us gathered in my room for a Skype call with Trang in Hà Nội. She spoke for an hour and went through a power-point presentation outlining the opportunity Isagenix represents. It was such a blessing to have my friends hear it in their native tongue, so there was no problem understanding the value of both the products and the business.  I am so grateful that Trang is so generous with her time and knowledge.

Lan, Tuấn Anh, Đạt, Trung Ho, Minh Hoài, and Tiến

Humble beginnings...several of the folk I invited were unable to come this morning, but are keen to learn more, and I know that as soon as the products are available to try and people understand how generous this company is, we will begin to build a team here that will impact the lives of many, many people, bringing health and wealth.

Later this afternoon, Mạnh came over to hear more about Isagenix. I have no doubt we will work together in the future. For now, I will teach a class in his English language school...and in the future?  The future looks very exciting indeed!


Then this evening Linh came to visit. She is back after spending 6 months in the Philippines at a YWAM Discipleship Training School...with many stories to tell. Now she is working at QSI (International School) with Bona Lee as well as teaching a few classes at VAIE, so she's pretty exhausted....Hmmmm, another one who needs Isagenix  LOL

Again, it was lovely to exchange news with a dear friend and time passed very quickly as we talked and talked.......and forgot to take a photo!


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