Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cyclone Warning, but still OK for Wednesday Ladies

A cyclone was predicted for our region as a huge, destructive storm front swept over southern China and headed our way, so it was batten down the hatches just in case.  The reception area was secured to avoid wind damage as the city cancelled schools etc and  prepared for the worst. The storm was predicted to peak in the early evening

By late afternoon, Cầu Rào Hải was obscured by rain and the wind was messing with the trees and anything not secured down.

At one stage, the wind changed direction and the balcony was flooded with heavy rainI heard the wind howling during the night, but when morning came it had all blown over and everyone heaved a sigh of relief, for there was only minor damage across the city.

So Lee and I headed for Texas BarBQ to see which of the Wednesday ladies were out and about... Jung and Barbara (both Korean)  were there.  I couldn't resist ordering usual!

Claudine lobbed it as we finished our meal. She was planning to get married next month, but the local authorities will not issue the required licence for them to proceed. Her young man is 25, and she has no plans for where they will live or what they will do after the wedding, and she's talking about needing to go home to Australia for a holiday, leaving Hải Phòng... So much uncertainty!

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