Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dịu !

A busy much going on, I forgot to pull out my camera!  DOH!!!

Morning walk, then NPCEC, then I went to lunch with Đàm Đức Mạnh and Nguyễn Quyết Tiến to Indian Kitchen on Minh Khai. The food was tasty and of course, the company was great. We talked about many things. I found out that Mạnh hardly eats a thing, and that he is into reading horoscopes. Apparently he is the one who predicted Jessica Kokos' accident...that ultimately had her go back to the USA to seek medical treatment for the local doctors couldn't work out what was wrong.

The proprietor of the restaurant is a very friendly Indian man named Sam. He came over to our table for a chat and mentioned that he travels to Singapore frequently to buy spices for the restaurant. I was asking him about costs less than $100 each way whether you travel from Hải Phòng or from Hà Nội. I told him I might have to go to Singapore to pick up product and he kindly offered to bring it back for me!  How very kind...I will contact him again.

Straight after lunch, I hurried home to meet Dịu and Hiếu!  Dịu now lives in her hometown, so I haven't seen her this year. She and Hải are now engaged, but Hải is now working on a ship and won't be back for months, so of course, Dịu is missing him like crazy. I was so happy to see her and hear all her news, I completely forgot to take some photos!!!!  She was only in Hải Phòng for two days, but she will come back when Katie is here, so that will be great.

Then at 7pm, we had our own Isagenix meeting and I pulled out our PowerPoint presentation....amended to suit.  I need to add some Vietnamese info and photos to make it more relevant.  There were 9 people here... Đạt, Lan brought her friend Minh Hoai, Trung Ho brought Thoa and Yến, and the others were Hiệp, Tiến and Ủy.  They are all interested, but of course, everyone is waiting to find out how the business model will work in Việt Nam because they are all confident that the product is top quality, but since they are all either at Uni still, or are recent graduates, the cost is prohibitive for them.


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