Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Nguyễn T T Trang and Isagenix Vietnam

Today, I went to the Isagenix Head Office in Hanoi, at 165 Thái Hà Street. 

Everything is being prepared for the soft launch on 22nd September and it's all beginning to take shape. As you would expect, it's all very spacious and modern with state of the art facilities and meeting rooms, etc. I met Nguyễn T T Trang there, and she showed me around. Trang has build a vibrant, successful team already with many crystal executives...and that's even before the launch!  She travels to Singapore and Malaysia regularly to pick up product for her team. In a couple of weeks five products will be available here in Việt Nam. I met her on Facebook a few months ago and she has kindly offered to help me and my team as I build it. 

 This is Trang on the left, and Anh, who is in charge of Sales, as I remember.

 The office area is all set, ready to begin operations.

Next week, Dato, Head of Isagenix SE Asia, will be here training and preparing for the launch. He will be announcing exactly how Isagenix will operate here...every country is slightly different, depending on local laws... so I still don't know the fine details. I will just have to be patient!

Trang lives upstairs, in a spacious apartment on the fifteenth floor. She uses it as a meeting place and office for her team, so there is always a steady flow of people coming in and out, conducting their business, picking up product, introducing new members...all laughing and learning together, like one big happy family. With panoramic views, it's a gorgeous location for a business meeting!

The older gentleman is in his seventies, and he's had great results with his health since using the products. He told me they don't follow the 90 day plan...they do it in 30 days!!  Just goes to show there are no limits to what you can achieve with this company. I am even more excited than before to see my friends begin their businesses and start the journey towards abundant health and financial freedom.


These ladies have all gone Crystal Executive already, and they are passionate about duplication and maintaining the integrity of the company. They were a little curious about me and why I don't look like the typical Isagenix user until I showed them some "before" pictures...then they realised how far I've come, not just how far I have yet to go.

Trang was really busy talking to people who came and went in an endless stream, but she still made time to answer my questions and make me feel welcome. She offered her support in training my team in Hải Phòng, which I am extremely grateful for. She already has a Crystal Executive here, so she will be coming for her team too.
She took me down the lane beside her building to a little restaurant for lunch.

We were taking photos and this random girl from another table came over to get her photo taken... on my camera... go figure!

Trang was busy organising flights to Singapore for tomorrow. She's going there to pick up Product B, which hasn't been available until now, and she does most of the ordering for her team since many of them are older, and aren't computer literate. So she had plenty to do!

I skyped Katie for a bit to help her with that last assignment, then had a 10 minute power nap. It's very hot here, even with the fans all going full tilt.

Then I couldn't resist taking photos of the view from Trang's balcony...

She gave me a ride to Gai Lam bus station and I caught a Hai Au VIP bus back to Hải Phòng. It is an express bus, so the trip only took two and a half hours, and cost 85,000d ($4.25). But when we got here it terminated at the bus station in the middle of the city, not Cầu Rào, which is only a five minute walk from my Hotel. So I had to get a xe om (motorbike taxi) to bring me home and that cost 70,000d! Next time I'll catch the ordinary bus to Cầu Rào and pay 75,000d, do it in one go and do it for half the price!!

Anyway, I was home enjoying a long shower by 7pm, delighted with the new friends I've made and even more excited about what's ahead with Isagenix.

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