Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Full-on Saturday

Jenny joined my walk this morning. She is the newest teacher at VAIE and is also staying at the Star Hotel. We stopped by the market on the way home so I could buy salad vegies for lunch. Văn Dương and Nam were on hand to help.

When I got some printing done last week at one of the many print shops along Lạch Tray, my USB picked up a virus so bad that to clean it up, my anti-virus software completely erased the USB! Very frustrating. So rather than risk picking up a virus that could cripple my laptop, I decided to buy a printer.

So this morning at 8:30am, Tuấn Anh kindly took me shopping. This shop has many floors and is the best place to get any IT equipment. Tuấn Anh negotiated for me...When I asked him to ask for a discount because it was a display model he was pleasantly surprised when I was given 10% off. 

So now I have a gorgeous red Canon Printer-Scanner-Copier...  Woo-oo!!
The price included installation, so I arranged for that to happen at 4:30 after my class at Angelia's. Then it was a rush to get ready to be picked up by 10am to go to lunch at Mạnh’s Centre...

(I couldn't resist taking a photo of this old building just nearby)

Mạnh decided to host a lunch today to give an opportunity for people with good English skills to practice speaking only English. He asked me to cook some western food, so I came with the where-with-all to make a huge salad. I took my vegetable peeler, and those helping me to chop everything up were intrigued by it. I was grateful to have several of the students sitting around me giving me a hand - my large bowl was full to over-flowing.  Mạnh's family were also busy cooking and there were many willing helpers, so when the meal was ready, we sat down to an absolute feast!!




Trung Ho told them I play the guitar, so they asked me to sing something...dear me, it's been a long time since I've done that!!

We had such a lovely meal, and as usual several of the girls cleaned up and it was all done in no time.

By then it was half past two and I had to rush home to get ready to go and teach my littlies... that class has grown from 3 to 8 children already!  Personally I think it is easier to play games with more students, so I'm OK with that.  

Then it was rush home to be here for the delivery and installation of my new printer.  Tuấn Anh dropped by on his way to play basketball so he could be here if we needed a everything went very smoothly and I found out how to adjust the quality of the print etc without any trouble. He is such a darling.

So I'm all sorted after a busy, wonderful day!

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