Friday, September 19, 2014

Gene is here! ...a walk down memory lane...

After trying for days to connect with Gene, this morning I walked around to the hotel she's staying in, only to find that she wasn't there! How disappointing! No-one at the hotel spoke English, so I wrote her a note and headed back out into the heat of the morning. Since I was in the neighbourhood, I decided to walk back via my old house and drop in and see Bịch and Hà. Bịch was there so we had an iced tea and I showed her photos of my family. There was no sign of Hà and since Bịch doesn't speak English, I didn't find out if she's still around... but I imagine so.

While I was talking to Bịch, Gene called!...finally!  She had been to Big C and took longer than she expected, and had returned a few minutes after I left. So I retraced my steps and finally caught up with her!  We sat and talked and talked. She is here to visit old friends for a couple of months and travel around a bit - Laos and Thailand are both on the list.  Her doctors say she needs knee replacements, so she's keen to give Isagenix a go and improve her health. I'll get Katie to bring some Product B to get her started, then when she gets back to the US she will look at the full system.  

We decided to walk to H Tower to get lunch. Along the way we stopped and said hello to Thảo, who was there in her usual spot on Văn Cao. 

At first she was shy of the camera, but then she smiled...

By the time we got to the Restaurant, they were out of Vietnamese food, but their Japanese food is good...  Gene chose okoromiyake... a kind of omelette with cabbage, seafood and other scrummy things. Delicious!  And of course, there was no shortage of conversation  haha!

Eventually, we began to walk home and when we parted at my old corner to take the short cut past my old house, Mr Cường called out and offered me a ride home.  It's not far, only 10 minutes' walk, and when we got here I pulled out my wallet but he waved it away:  "No, no!...Souvenir, souvenir!" ...bless him!

Then he happily posed for some photos... such a dear old friend!

I got home in time to get ready for my lesson with Phương and Thủy. They come for an hour twice a week and we go through their pictorial dictionary, concentrating on pronunciation so Phương can help Thủy to learn English. They work hard, and the hour goes quickly.

I made a salad for my dinner (my usual fare when I prepare a meal), chatted to Susanne and then Katie on Skype, and then went to Mạnh's Centre to teach his advanced class - 8-9:30pm.  It was 10pm by the time I got home...quite a full day...but thoroughly complaints here!

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