Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My last weekend of teaching

SUNDAY 25th September

It's hard to believe it's nearly over! My contract ends on Friday (30th September), and this was my last weekend of classes... no more children's classes... and the farewells have begun. Lots of photos and videos (sorry - they won't upload...)
 Tony and litle Alex

  Anna and Mary

 Jerry and Alex with Peter, Tom and Nick
 and Mike... the lively lads of Kitty1M2

   And these beautifully behaved darlings are from Ian's class and that's Lotus, one of our TAs. The boy in the red and white shirt is Superman from my very first kiddies class.

These gorgeous kids are my S1A2B class
The teenagers in my PET2E1o class have been a delight and a challenge to teach and when I told them it was my last class with them the girls filled the board with messages during the break:
this honest appraisal was written by Katherine

 This is Cassie.
She also wrote me a letter:
Dear my lovely Teacher,
My name is Cassie, PET2E1o student. To me, you're the best teacher in the world. You're the party of the candy store. I know I have to say goodbye to you, I'm so sad but our friendship never gone because I always keep the faith, you always in my heart. You're my beautiful teacher. I love you so much. You like my mother, my star. Enjoy your trip. Hope you never forget us, never forget our class. We'll remember you. Please always be our teacher. I don't wanna say goodbye to you, our fairy.
Love you - your student
 Lee, Tracy, Julie and Sammy

  Jane, the quiet achiever... lovely girl. 
               Jane wrote me a letter, too:
Dear Teacher,
I'm Jane. I'm a good student of you. I'll miss you a lot. You mustn't go away. You must be here. You have to keep this letter because you can keep our memories when you keep this letter. Although you are quite old but you are so beautiful. I swear that it is the truth. Your voice is so sweet. Yeah! Don't cry! Always laugh because you have many students who love you so much! Good luck for your trip... love you, Jane - Student in PET2.
  Lee and Katherine

 lots of phone photos!
  Cookie and Tom
  Lass and Alan

 one of the receptionists... tiny, eh!

So that was Saturday, and this lot are from Sunday...
Nick, Tim, Book, Dolly, Sarah, Tom, Julie and Sue ... gorgeous kids.

On Sunday evening the Level 5 VIP class took me to Sunflower Restaurant for a farewell dinner...  lovely company and delicious Vietnamese food...
Aline, Laura, Celine, Mountain, Mike, Red and Sarah.

I was doubly blessed - they also gave me a beautiful necklace of black stone from the mountains here and coral from Do Son.

How perfectly does it go with my one good dress !

Mountain, Aline (Huong Nguyen) and her husband Mike

You can see in these photos how huge I am compared to everyone around me.. it's always a rude shock to see myself in photos. I look like an Amazon woman( albeit a happy Amazon !! )

We were joined by Blue (Pham Thu Xanh), who was sucessful in the recent elections and is now an MP here.

This is beautiful Blue. She is so very busy these days, it was lovely to see her.

Laura (Tran Thanh Diep), Blue, Red, Celine, Sarah, Mountian, Aline and Mike.

It was such a balmy evening, it was lovely sitting on the patio enjoying tea and fruit to finish off our meal. I feel very honoured that these friends came out this evening to give me a warm farewell.

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  1. teacher!!! I'm Jane in VAIE. Thanks for your postting our images. Don't forget me....:))