Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quan Ngon

SUNDAY 18th September

Check out this amazing Vietnamese Restaurant I went to tonight with Gene and Becki... it's called Quan Ngon...
Oh, did I mention I went to the hairdresser yesterday for the full treatment...?

The diners sit in this delightful courtyard surrounded by kitchens representing food from the various regions in Viet Nam. You can order from the menu, or wander around and select your meal from the kitchens. Becki and Gene knew what they wanted and that was fine with me, but I still took my camera for a walk around

Can you see Gene and Becki at our table on the other side?

By the time I got back, the first dish was there already ... Banh Cuôn Ha Nôi - Hanoi Rice Rolls... simply amazing - so delicious
Cơm chiên hải sản (Seafood fried rice)
Then I'm sorry to say I forgot to photograph the next two dishes, which were also delicious - Tôm Hấp Nước Dừa (Steamed shrimp with a coconut dipping sauce) and Bun Cha ... finally, I have had Bun Cha and I know why Greg and Gemma kept telling me I had to try it. Talk about a special flavour. Nevertheless, I did remember to photograph our desserts:
Tapioca in coconut milk, steamed banana in coconut milk and my glass of whatever... I didn't write it down, but there's jelly, tapioca, beans, water chestnuts coconut milk and ice... I think it's an up-market version of Che Hue, and just as delicious.

So we enjoyed an absolutely fabulous meal and it cost only $4 each (with drinks!).  I'll be taking Katie there for sure.

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  1. :)) :)) :)) "Banh COUN Tom" ?! It's "Banh CUON Tom"! you're funny!