Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Intrepid Gene

TUESDAY 20th September

Gene rode her electric bike to school tonight for the first time... she's done the trip during the day before, but this was her first foray into the night traffic. I couldn't let the momentous occasion go by without a picture for posterity!
Can hardly recognise her with that helmet, but it really is Gene!

and bravely she headed off into the traffic...

 Negotiating the Hai Phong traffic, not to mention the potholes, children and dogs on the sparsely lit streets in her neighbourhood really takes gumption... You go girl!

On Tuesday, four weeks from now I will be waiting at Ho Chi Minh City airport for Katie to arrive... so much is happening and time is flashing by! Tomorrow I will spend the day with the Wednesday ladies at a luxury golf resort called Sang Gia... definately hob-nobbing! (But I'll morph back into an English language teacher for the evening classes)

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