Thursday, September 29, 2011

My very own gấu bông

THURSDAY 29th September

Tonight I handed back all my teachers books except the ones I need for my last couple of classes... then taught these gorgeous young people from 1E1eB
Back row:  Kyn, Rose, Jamie and Jimmy
Middle row:   Peter, Maria, Cindy and Kate
Front row:   Wendy, Physic and Julie

When we came back from the break, they gave me this gorgeous little gấu bông (go bomb) 

so of course I carried him around for the rest of the class... and for the photos...

 with Cindy 
(oops... forgot to take my hair out)
 and Wendy 
(aah... much better)

 and this is Jimmy. 
Lots and lots of photos - cameras and mobile phones all over the place
 OMG - how embarassing
 Jamie took lots of photos before being in one

and last but not least, this little wee lass is Lotus, my TA.


  1. Dear, my teacher! :D
    Today is cold and wet. You don't forget bring your coat and umbrella.
    Best wish for you!
    Physic ;)

  2. teacher...
    do you cold?? It's a strong storm...:))\m/