Sunday, September 18, 2011

Praise God for Aline

FRIDAY 16th September

One of my friends, Aline, offered to liase with travel agents for me and get the arrangements for my trip with Katie all organised... and it is turning out way better than I imagined. We started out getting discounted prices on the flights from Hai Phong to Ho Chi Minh City for the trip home with Vietnam Airlines ($50 each).

And today Aline gave me the travel agent's price on the first 9 days of our trip and we're laughing. I will meet Katie in Ho Chi Minh City, we'll be met at the airport and then hotels, transfers, tours, flights etc for the Mekong Delta, HCM City, Hoi An and Hue comes to less than $290 each!!!  The second half of our trip ... Hanoi, Sapa and Ha Long Bay (as well as Hai Phong) will probably be not much more... way cheaper than I even hoped for... such a blessing to have local contacts !!
I've had a busy day today... Church class for 2 hours + this morning, fabulous lunch at a hotel so the school I moonlight for could and recruit Tony, home for a quick snooze and a WOO-OO  OMG  skype with Katie over the price of our trip, then a quick motorbike ride to the supermarket, then here to plan the lessons for tonight and the weekend.... I should sleep well!

Isn't it crazy how everything all seems to fall into place just when your leaving!  I'm pretty much convinced that I'll be coming back here next year to enjoy another stint now that so many pieces are in place... work opportunities, friendships...  I'll see what door God opens.

This is Aline and her beautiful daughters

And this is the frist class I have said goodbye to... they have their final test this week so I won't get to teach them again...
 Lance, John, me, Putin, Peter;  Kelly, Kery, Milan, Key, Jessica; Key and Kyd

Key,  Jessica,  Milan,  Kelly and Kery

me and Loyal, my TA

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